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Annual & Carnival Day (2023-24)
Annual Cultural Carnival “Resilience Session 2023-2024 Amidst an atmosphere teeming with enthusiasm and creativity, St. Rosier Public School hosted its much-anticipated Annual Cultural Carnival, aptly titled “Resilience”. The event, unfolded into a celebration of resilience through various captivating performances and displays. Our esteemed Principal, Mrs. Harveen Sharma took center stage to address the gathering. With pride, brimming in her voice, she highlighted the exceptional achievements of the school in the academic session 2023-24. She underscored the school’s commitment to providing a nurturing environment that fosters holistic development. From academic triumphs to sporting victories, from cultural milestones to social initiatives, SRPS has consistently paved the way for its students to excel in every sphere of life. The presence of esteemed dignitaries, including the revered Councillor Mrs. Rekha Gupta from Shalimar Bagh, added a touch of honor to the event. Their encouraging words and support further amplified the significance of the occasion. The inaugural day set the stage ablaze with mesmerizing dance performances choreographed to resonate with the theme of resilience. Students showcased their prowess, moving gracefully to the beats of diverse songs that echoed the spirit of perseverance and strength. Each dance was a poignant portrayal of overcoming obstacles and emerging stronger. In a heartwarming gesture, the Annual Cultural Carnival also witnessed the reunion of distinguished alumni who have carved remarkable paths in their respective fields. These illustrious individuals were felicitated with awards, acknowledging their outstanding contributions and accomplishments post-school. It was indeed a proud moment for St. Rosier Public School to welcome back its alumni, witnessing firsthand, the tangible impact of its educational ethos. Their stories of success served as a beacon of inspiration for the current students, illustrating the limitless possibilities that await them beyond these hallowed halls. Adding melodious notes to the evening, our talented young musicians took center stage with a captivating musical band performance. Their harmonious tunes not only delighted the audience but also conveyed the essence of resilience through every chord. One of the highlights of the evening was the theatrical brilliance displayed in the musical play rendition of “Snow White”. The timeless tale was brought to life, weaving in elements that left the audience spellbound by the impeccable acting and the underlying message of resilience amidst adversity. As the curtains drew close on the first day of “Resilience”, it left an indelible mark on all those present, inspiring a renewed sense of determination and strength. In conclusion, the Annual Cultural Carnival “Resilience” at SRPS was not just a celebration of talent and creativity but also a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering human spirit. It resonated with the ethos of resilience, leaving a lasting impact on everyone fortunate enough to witness the spectacle! Through this event, St. Rosier Public School not only showcased the artistic brilliance of its students but also imparted a profound lesson in fortitude and resilience, echoing the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. The memories created during these two days will continue to inspire and uplift the school community for years to come!!
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