New Vacancy

Eligibility Requirement :-
  • Gender : any
  • Qualification : Graduate + German Language Degree/Diploma
  • Salary :-
  • As per the Interview
  • Our school has highly qualified experienced, trained and dedicated faculty .The recruitment is solely based on simple criteria that brings out the best in our students. We recruit teachers who are:
    • Graduate/Post Graduate
    • ed/M.ed/J.BT/Diet/ any other equivalent teaching training course.
    • Having pleasing personality.
    • Having fluent English speaking & writing skills.
    • Hard working.
    • Having passion for teaching.

    General Instruction For Teachers 
    1. To report for duty on time (7:40 to 2:30) and to record the exact time of arrival and departure in Staff Attendance Register on every working day.
    2. To get the due sanction of the leave from the Principal before availing and also to observe the Leave Rules.
    3. To observe, instruct and help the students to maintain proper discipline and to participate actively in the morning assembly.
    4. To check the uniform of the students of the class and record the uniform defaulters regularly by class teachers.
    5. To take the roll call of the students of the class and ensure that the same has been recorded in the attendance on Daily Attendance Register.
    6. To maintain the Student’s Attendance Register properly. To submit them complete in all respects, to the Headmistress and Principal for checking alongwith the lists of uniform defaulters and absentees on the last working day of every month.
    7. To utilize first few minutes of the first period to instruct the students regarding uniform, performance in morning assembly, class discipline, maintenance of students’ possessions, class –room furniture and school property, cleanliness of class-rooms, general manners, etiquettes and good habits.
    8. To make a proper division of books/note books/work books and ask the students to bring them to the school as per instructions.
    9. To make a proper and regular use of the Student’s Diary to assign home work and to communicate with the parents. To fill regularly the columns like-Home Work Not Done, Note Book Not Brought, Uniform Defaulters, Late Coming, Absentee Note etc.
    10. MUST -To prepare and display the class time-table and class information chart in the class room.
    11. To assign the home work regularly. To check and evaluate carefully and thoroughly all the class and home assignments. To put signatures with date after checking.
    12. To instruct the students, especially the monitors to maintain proper discipline in the class-rooms as well as in the school.
    13. To observe the conduct of every student and report to the Principal about naughty/mischievous/problems students.
    14. IMPORTANT -Not to leave the classes unattended in any case.
    15. To plan the teaching work in advance, consulting the syllabus and courses of studies meant for the class and teach the students as per guidelines and instructions issued there in and notified from time to time.
    16. To submit the Teacher’s Diary with weekly teaching plan to the Principal for checking in the First period of the first working day of every week.
    17. To submit all the documents (lists, papers, reports, results etc.) after thorough checking by the stipulated date & time to examination department.
    18. To report if a student is not feeling well or suffering from any ailment or infection.
    19. MOST IMPORTANT -Corporal punishment is banned in school so avoid physical punishment to the student.
    20. To talk in English with students and colleagues in the school. To give general commands and instructions in English inside outside the class-room to improve the communicative skill of the students.
    21. To make a careful reading of the notices/circulars/office-orders and to work accordingly.
    22. To behave with the students/colleagues/parents as expected from teacher.
    23. To perform the House duties and other special and additional duties as assigned sincerely, carefully and with utmost sense of responsibility, co-operation and co-ordination.
    24. IMPORTANT-Not to entertain the parents in the classes without permission of the Principal.
    25. Class-in-charge are to maintain proper record of leave applications of the students of their respective class.
    26. To report the name/s of the long absentees (continuous absence without any sanction of leave for more than 10 days) in written to the Principal.
    27. To report in the class-room as per the time table as soon as the period bell goes without any wastage of time.
    28. MOST IMPORTANT-Never bring your personal problems or issues into the classroom. Leave them at home. Your students should never know when something at home is bothering you.
    29. Contact to your coordinator first regarding any issue , then come to the principal office if necessary.
    30. Work cooperatively with other teachers. Always be willing to take another teacher’s advice.

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