School Competitions


The continuous effort of giving stage exposure to our young ones proves the fact that good speakers are created by a focused approach. To analyze the hidden talent and boost the confidence of our kids ,the primary wing organized an Inter class Competition to provide a great opportunity to the students and a chance to express their views on the given topic.

Different topics were:

Classes 1,2 and 3 -“My Superhero”

Class 4 – “ My Favorite Festival”

Class 5 – “ Our Helpers”

Students brought relevant props and some were dressed up according to their topic which gave even more attention to them. The speeches of the students were very informative and the students were very confident. Such stage exposures not only provide kids with the platform to explore & gain confidence but also develops their communication skills.

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Painting Competition

“Art as a medium of expression is an effective way to enhance creativity and kindle imagination”

  • To enhance the aesthetic sense of the kids ‘Painting Competition’ was organized by Delhi Traffic Police that gave the little ones knowledge related to transport and traffic rules. It was a pleasure to watch the tiny tots working with such an ease with colors. Students exhibited their creativity and color sense. Overall it was an enjoyable and learning experience for all the students.

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Drawing Competition

  • Drawing competition organized by Hindustan Times newspaper in our school , our children showcased their best. The main aim was to sensitize the students towards Mother Nature.

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Master Chef Competition

Tell me and I’ll forget,
Show me and I remember,
Involve me and I learn & never forget

  • Students enjoyed getting involved in making different recipes and gaining knowledge about the nutritional value of different food items. The competition proved a good way to develop interests for food preparation among students that eventually developed their interest in eating as well. Food preparation also fosters creativity in children. The cooking recipes without using fire certainly helped to explore different possibilities of cooking. The little chefs prepared delicious and mouth-watering food items. Each item used was of complete nutritional value and was hygienically prepared by the students.

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