1. 75% attendance is required and no relaxation of any kind will be granted to a student who fails to fulfill the school’s requirement. In case attendance is short, the student will not be eligible for any academic prize.
  2. A Student’s name will be struck off the rolls on account of continued, unexplained absence for six consecutive days.
  3. Medical Fitness certificate is necessary in case of illness of more than five days. Even a day’s absence during the examination on medical grounds is required to be supported by a Medical Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  4. There is no provision for short / half day leave.
  5. In case of emergency please take written permission from the Principal , Class Teacher on the prescribed form available at the school reception.
  6. Do not send your child to school when sick, to attend classes.
  7. The school gates will close 10 minutes after the school begins.
  8. If a child is late to school more than twice, he/she shall be sent back home.
  9. Your co-operation is sought to ensure that children are regular, punctual and disciplined.
  10. If Due to certain emergencies, a student has to leave the school during school hours under his/her own arrangement, the following rules will be observed :
  1. Only authorized persons mentioned in the I Card will be allowed to pick up the child.
  2. A written request from the parent / guardian is required.
  3. A permission slip is to be obtained and shown at the school gate before leaving the school.
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